Case Study - Partner

Vesta and VTH – working together to make online easy

Virtual Timber and Hardware (VTH) offer complete digital solutions for Timber and Hardware industry. VTH work with brick and mortar stores to establish an online presence and help them to maximize revenue and market presence gains online. From data management to eCommerce store creation right through to providing in store technologies such as digital kiosks. The Vesta and VTH working relationship made sense from the start as the core focus for both business is driving good data to increase revenue for clients.


How it all began

Going digital is a scary and overwhelming journey for even the most tech savvy and ready businesses and industries but in the Timber and Hardware industry it is particularly challenging as digital is so new still. There are very few online Timber and Hardware retailers and even less who do it well. This presents a vast opportunity for VTH clients to swoop in early and create an easy, data rich, customer centric online store and eCommerce solution. While VTH can provide the solutions, they needed a platform to manage data for their clients and Vesta is able to provide this.


“I see it as Vesta Central sending the data down the pipeline, and VTH being the petrol station allowing everyone to pull up at the browser and access it.” Justin Newman – CEO VTH


Where does the data come from?

VTH can provide clients with all the tools to manage data and their e-Commerce strategy but the data has to be there to begin with. Gathering product data from hundreds of Suppliers can be a huge undertaking and requires considerable resource. It is common for e-Commerce projects to stall or have significant delays due to data gathering. For VTH, working with Vesta to gather product data means projects can move along quicker and are a lot less likely to stall or have major delays.


“Data is the vital piece of the puzzle” – Justin Newman CEO VTH


It is simply not efficient for VTH, or for a Retailer to manually gather product data. Even if it was manually gathered, how would it be stored or maintained? Vesta is able to provide the solution to this and speed up the data gathering process for VTH clients. Working with Vesta means that VTH, Retailers, Suppliers and Vesta can all do what they are good at and spend less time bogged down in paper work and manual data processes.


Richness of data

There’s one more challenge that VTH needed to overcome with gathering data. It isn’t just about getting any product data, it’s getting rich, complete product data. There’s no point in building a comprehensive eCommerce solution that doesn’t have high quality data. The saying “bad data in, bad data out” is common knowledge but it is so accurate. Without high quality data as a foundation, the solutions VTH deliver wouldn’t be possible.


As data gathering is what Vesta does best, VTH leave this up to them. Understanding what data is required and coordinating data gathering is a demanding task. Using Vesta Central takes the pressure out of data gathering. Vesta Central is set up with required data attributes and it’s simple for Suppliers to understand what is needed to deliver high quality data. There is less room for error due to the structured system which saves time all round.


“Data is difficult and what we learnt during our journey is that we couldn’t do what we do without Vesta Central” – Justin Newman CEO VTH


Being able to communicate clear data requirements and keep Suppliers and Retailers informed of progress has been a valuable tool. Vesta Central allows data to be gathered and shared easily and it opens communication channels between Suppliers and Retailers. This level of communication has been vital for VTH and their clients to keep projects on track and manage progress.


Working together

Vesta have been highly adaptable and worked collaboratively to combat challenges that came up during the course of working together. When there have been challenges with gathering data or things not going according to plan, Vesta have listened to the challenge and adapted processes and systems to cater for these needs. The Vesta Central platform evolves with the changing market needs and listens to customers. The speed at which changes are made means there is less lost time and happier customers for everyone involved.


VTH clients are told up front about the Vesta relationship and who does what. There is full transparency that VTH offer the solution but Vesta Central deliver the services to gather data. VTH clients directly work with Vesta and access the Vesta Central platform themselves also. This model allows VTH to focus on what they do best and leave the data gathering, maintenance and distribution up to the Vesta team. VTH are confident and comfortable the Vesta team provide excellent support and service and the direct relationship benefits all involved. The feedback from VTH clients has been excellent and the model is working well.


“The team at Vesta Central are genuinely passionate about servicing our needs and being a valuable partner to us” – Justin Newman – CEO VTH

The future

The future for VTH and Vesta is exciting, things have progressed quickly and well to date, and it’s not slowing down. Both companies are passionate about developing omnichannel solutions for the Timber and Hardware industry. For VTH utilising their partnership with Vesta Central will enable new and exciting ways for clients to use their product data to add value to their businesses. Both teams continue to work together and use insight from the relationship to develop and change the platform to be the best product sharing platform out there.