The final piece of the product data puzzle

Let’s wrap good product data up

We’re finishing off our series of articles about creating good product data with some thoughts on quality images and finally completeness of data.

Quality images

We already know that our product descriptions need to be clear and concise as well as relatable and kept up to date. But images allow you to add to the product story without having to overload your customer with lengthy descriptions. Images add to the product data package and serve multiple functions. But what exactly can an image do for you?

First impressions count:

Instinctively we look to an image before we read a description. Our eyes are lazy sometimes (and so are our brains if we’re honest). A picture is easier to digest than reading heavy text so you need to make sure your image stands out and clearly shows what is on offer.

Fills in the gap:

Images allow you to explain more about your product without using words. You can very simply convey quality, size, shape, colour in an image without having to overload your customer with a story.

Expect the expected:

Customers expect online catalogues or stores to have pictures – without images your store will look bare. Imagine walking into a bricks and mortar store that didn’t have physical products to look at.




To wrap things up we need to talk about completeness. Your product data needs to complete, not only for external customers but also for internal data collection. It’s vital that product data tells the whole story.

In terms of online retail; your customers will be looking to decide right then and there. They don’t want to have to hunt for information, if they leave your site there is a good chance their business might just go elsewhere. You also don’t want them to make a purchase and the product not be what they expected. Clear product descriptions with key attributes and quality images will provide the customer with exactly what they need to decide and set expectations of what they are purchasing.

That wraps up our series of articles on creating good product data. Reflect back on the data you current store and check how “good it is” – ask your self:

  • Is it clear and concise?
  • Do you have key attributes?
  • Is it up to date and relatable?
  • Are your images helping add to the story?
  • Finally, is the data you have a complete package of your products?