Smart Catalogues


Showcase your product range in a live catalogue

and share it with your customers
Choose which products to include
– a promotional range, a specific retailer selection, or your entire range
Include photos, descriptions, features and benefits & more
Customise the catalogue with your logo and a description or personalised message about the catalogue
Send it to one customer or as many as you like

Making sharing with customers easy

• Smart catalogues allow your customers to download the latest data about your product range in 1 click.

• Your customers will be instantly notified about any updates or changes made to a Smart Catalogue.

• If your customer has a Vesta account, it will flow into their Vesta portal.

• If they don’t have a Vesta account, they can view the catalogue online and download it into easy spreadsheet format.

TOP TIP: Include your latest catalogue as a link on your next marketing materials such as newsletters or your website