Doing their research…customers have more information now

In this modern and digital age the high street is being flipped upside down and tested to the very limit. Not only do we need to deal with digital transformation and establishing our own online empire – now we also need to deal with the new breed of customer: the educated customer… whose job it seems to be to create make or break situations that can damage and even destroy reputations on high streets all over the world, all because they have information.

How much information is too much?

With so much information at our fingertips it is no wonder that we are experiencing this new wave of customer. Anyone who has their heart set on one of your products or services has not only been online and read everything they can about it, they have also looked into your company history, read the reviews and managed to pick out any potential flaws that might occur over the course of the products entire life cycle. Worse, they know they can get it cheaper if they go down the road to another Retailer, and they expect you to either give them a discount to match or give them it for cheaper, simply because they have done their homework.

While it is wonderful to have someone take such an active interest in your business – you might not be on the shop floor that day. You might not be the one dealing with them… In fact; what if they come in on a Sunday when Chantelle the 16 year old is on to cover your normal staff? Will Chantelle be able to tell your particularly picky customer exactly what they need to know? Don’t panic – because Chantelle’s everywhere can manage just fine, as long as she can work an iPad…

The Point of Sale transformation

Point of Sales (POS) systems have come a very long way in the past few years, and you might be interested to know that now you can give each member of staff a handheld terminal that contains any of the product information that you ever wanted on it. With the help of an advanced POS system, Chantelle might never need to struggle with an informed customer ever again.

Of course, the institution of such a system would require a little training to begin with, and possibly further training for anyone who finds the system a struggle. Other issues with such a system might include the speed of information retrieval, which needs to be fast so as not to cause inconvenience. The information must always be up-to-date and correct too, or you might just find a very flustered Chantelle calling you at home on a Sunday afternoon because she doesn’t know what to do.

The new fangled POS systems might seem like a tricky idea to initiate, but companies such as UK based car and bike mechanics, Halfords, have been doing it for a long time now, and have a fairly successful system whereby every single member of staff is able to access a database of information for every new customer… and you only need to see they have been successfully trading since 1892!

So if you are considering a new POS system we would wholeheartedly agree. Anything that stops the onslaught of the informed sounds like a good idea to us.