Online shopping tips and fun facts for Retailers

Since the modern world has become a digital plethora of choices and online services (including shopping), with information everywhere and any product that can be bought available through the internet- you really should be getting in on the action.

Why are people buying online?

Surprisingly, it is estimated that around 80% of everything online is advertising… and we think the other 20% is taken up by retailers… with the average person spending between five and six hours a day online and the majority of that time taken up with browsing and buying – are you missing out on a market that can only be accessed digitally? Is your company making the most of current trends and jumping on the online bandwagon? If not, then you should be, because the consumer of the future buys without even leaving their house.

Are you getting it right?

Like it or not, digital transformation is costing us money. Whether it be a hard to negotiate online store or an unattractive website – you could be losing out. You need to streamline your online services until they reflect as well as your offline services do, and that has been a tricky task for companies worldwide. It has also led to a new class of business person emerging – the digital leader… and these are the trend setters that are leading the way in online sales.

To maximise your potential profit from online sales you need to be up-to-date with every type of device connection that you possibly can be. You need to have your site on point, with a little affiliate marketing to build brand trust if you can possibly help it. Some stores have left out an easily navigable website or rely on their high street stores to sell their goods from – but in another few generations they are going to find themselves left behind and losing customers – if they aren’t already, that is.

Do a little market research

As if it isn’t enough that you can attract new customers online – you also have a chance to run some software that will provide demographics of your own, allowing you to do your own effective market research. When you are able to divide your customer base up by things like age and location, it gives you a better oversight into who you are targeting and allows you to come up with relevant content – and relevant products – all aimed at pleasing your customers.

And now for some fun internet sales facts for you to see what you are missing out on…

  • Online sales peak at 11.25 am EST every day
  • Apparel is the most commonly bought thing online
  • Amazon can sell up to 320 products per second
  • Between January 2015 and January 2016 online sales made from mobile phones doubled
  • 20% of customers will immediately abandon an online sale if they feel their credit card security is at risk
  • Approximately 40% of shoppers read reviews before purchase
  • The best-selling product in the online world is books!
  • Two thirds of all workers online shop during their lunch breaks
  • China has a higher online shopping rate than any other country in the world!